It's all about you.

  • We listen to your ideas and dreams.

  • We help you determine your best goals.

  • We identify your best strategy to take to you to success.

  • We craft your unique message in an unprecedented approach.

  • We can launch your project, conduct your campaign, create your image.

With experience across many sectors - business, government, social services, nonprofits - we pay no attention to silos. What silos?

The Mission We choose to accept

Every client we work with will become a friend. Every friend has a unique path to success.

Success is the only option.

Thanks for taking this project on, even with such a short timeline. I appreciate your help as we worked through the project. The posters and materials look great and have been received well thus far in the work place.”
— Kimm Leininger, Executive Director, United Way Services of Geauga County

What We actually do:

  • The first thing we do is listen. Our clients are smart and it's their show. We don't come in with a one size fits all mentality.
  • Once we see the scope of the dream, we lay out the strategy to achieve it.
  • We use graphic design, messaging, branding, promotional tools, social media channels, and creative problem solving to enhance the wazoo out of the otherwise ordinary. 
  • Words matter. We pay careful attention to them. Whether our client is speaking to us or we are writing an important speech, message or press release, the words must be right.
  • By the way, we is me. Unless - a project needs a team approach.
  • Then, I work well with others. Collaborating with other professionals to achieve what a client ultimately needs is a delight.
  • We/I take on any size project. I am a good match for small to medium size organizations that don't have a marketing department.
  • Project timelines can be six weeks to 18 months. 
  • Retainer situations are welcome.